The picture shows that the special person assigned by BNBMG Tanzania is taking temperature and conducting disinfection and registration for customers, and that all employees are wearing masks.

Attaching great importance to the epidemic prevention work of overseas enterprises, the leaders of the Group Company, have dispatched  2000 masks and disposable gloves from China to help the BNBMG Tanzania make up the shortage of necessities in epidemic prevention while guiding the BNBMG Tanzania to further improve its epidemic prevention measures and enhance its anti-risk capability.

Since outbreaks spread across borders, the epidemic prevention and control becomes a common challenge to all countries in the world. BNBMG Tanzania will further give full play to the internal and external linkage, share the experience and measures in response to this outbreak, and cooperate with local people to protect lives and homes, ensure safe and orderly operation, and provide "logistics support" of all building materials. We all believe that the friendship and mutual trust between the China and Tanzania will be critical to achieve victory in the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak.