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Installation Memorandum:

Please pay attention to the item as following toward your products be able to keep the perfect, original result.

1.How to lay stack at the project site?

2.How to install at the project site?

Steps of Installation of Metal Ceiling:

1.Workers need measuring the real length and width in ceiling space.

2.Counting ceiling quantity according to the real length and width.

3.Setting the height of ceiling and the horizontal line of installation refering to the ground level or top level.

4.Fixing the angle of edge, to the panel, wall or curtain box along the horizon by expansion tube or wood screw.

5.Make sure that the hanger rod location and quantity according to the demand of technology, then fit the metal bolt to the top of room by percussion drilling.

6.Link the main carrier fitting to the hanger rod, then fix the carrier of ceiling to the main carrier.

7.Adjust main height of carrier, make the main carrier, vice-carrier and angle of edge into a horizontal line, that's height is the height of ceiling.

8.Adjust the height with water level:

9.Load ceiling with carrier in the order, when you had completed two of uninstalled ceiling, first you fix one of the ceiling to the position of a wall, then press the ceiling with a spring, lamination, finish, install the last ceiling.

10.Cleaning surface of ceiling.


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